Marble Tiles Direct From Quarry


Since 1995, we proudly import marble tiles directly from the query. Our high quality marble products and very large selections help us to achieve very reputable name in wholesale marble tiles business.
We offer to our customers extensive verity of marble tiles with different finishes such as polished marble, tumbled marble, brush marble, antique marble and honed marble. We also carry marble mosaic tiles and marble moldings such as chair rail, crown molding, base molding, ogee shape chairrail, pencil, rope and more.

Marble Tiles

Years many homeowners prefer marble tiles to decorate their homes. It brigns elegance and natural beauty that you can't see anywhere else. This is one of the types of flooring that most interior designers admire and recommend as home flooring decor. Please visit our full marble tiles collection.

white carrara marble tile
White Carrara  
Regular price 12x12:    $7.95
Available sizes
:3x6, 4x4, 6x6,
12x12, 18x18 and carrara mosaics
Available finishes:Polished marble, tumbled marble, honed marble
Origin: Turkey   Min 300 Sq.ft.
Emperador dark marble tile polished
Emperador Dark Marble
Regular price 12x12:   $14.95
Available sizes:4x4, 6x6, 12x12, 18x18, Emperador dark mosaics
Available finishes:Polished marble, tumbled marble, honed marble
Origin: Spain   Min 300 Sq.ft.
Crema marfil marble tile
Crema Marfil Select
Regular price 12x12: $9.95
Available sizes:12x12, 18x18,
24x24, crema marfil mosaics
Available finish: Polished marble, tumbled marble, honed marble
Origin: Spain   Min 300 Sq.ft.
nero marquina
Nero Marquina marble
Regular price 12x12:   $6.95
Available sizes:4x4,12x12, 18x18, Nero Marquina mosaics
Available finishes:Polished marble, tumbled marble
Origin: China   Min 300 Sq.ft.
Afyon Gold
Afyon Gold Marble
Regular price 12x12:    $10.95
Available sizes
:3x6, 6x12, 12x12, 18x18 and Afyon Gold mosaics
Available finishes:Polished marble
Origin: Turkey   Min 300 Sq.ft.
botticino marble
Botticino Marble 
Regular price 12x12:    $7.95
Available sizes
:3x6, 6x12, 4x4 6x6, 8x8, 12x12, 18x18 and botticino mosaics
Available finishes:Polished marble, tumbled marble, honed marble
Origin: Turkey   Min 300 Sq.ft.

     Now shopping is very easy with wholesale marble tile. We delivery to some areas in NJ, NY and CT. You can check what is on sale We always provide the best price to our customers.
     We are a natural stone processing factory. Our U.S. warehouse contains an expansive supply of marble and travertine tiles catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and needs. We welcome designers, dealers, contractors and home owners. We carry best quality wholesale tiles.
     We specialize in white carara marble from Turkey, crema marfil marble from Spain and emperador dark with different sizes and shapes. Most popular sizes are 12x12 polished marble, 4x4 tumbled marble and basket weave marble mosaics with black marble dots.

Who can purchase from wholesale marble tiles?

-Anybody who doesn’t want to pay retail price.
-We welcome home owners, retail stores, architects, designers, builders.
-Purchase must be no less then 300sq.ft. (could be mix)

What is marble?

Under pressure and heat over years limestone forms to marble under the 3-5 miles below ground. These pressure and heat changes the limestone’s texture and shape.
This process called re-crystallization.Tile Fossils in the limestone and carbonate minerals re-crystallize and form to calcite (caco3 –It is a type of very hard mineral. Mohs hardness of 3) Black Galaxy granite.

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Marble floor

Beautiful house with marble flooring gives royal and precious look. These days using glass and ceramic tiles are very popular for flooring. However, tradition of using natural stones especially marble tiles and marble mosaics are always beyond competition. Years and years the classic and the elegant look of marble have been decorated people's bathroom, kitchen, patio.. Marble is used to express the strength and the wealth. Using natural stone the symbol of royal living in palatial homes. Marble flooring is used for their longevity and durability. They used in home construction save homes from years.

Polished Marble

This process includes grinding, sanding, and buffing the marble tile. It will give a high gloss, shiny mirror-like surface. Sometimes marble needs to be polished when it becomes dull. Once the stone polished, the original luster and shine can be restored.

Tumbled Marble

Tumbling process is made from marble pieces which have been placed inside large drums with sand, water and mild acid creates an old world, weathered look. Tumbled tiles get soft appearance with broken and uneven edges. They are a naturally rustic appearing tiles ideal for covering floors and walls.

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